Control vs. Fiber (City Roadways)

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Control vs Fiber Projects (City Roadways)

Over the years, asphalt pavement projects reinforced with FORTA-FI® have been put to the test in real-world head-to-head Control vs. Fiber trial projects around the country. In these projects, asphalt mixtures reinforced with FORTA-FI have been placed in direct competition with asphalt mixtures that are not reinforced with fiber in order to accurately compare the performance results.

avenue d, California

In order to test the success of FORTA-FI, a 2” overlay was applied directly onto this existing pavement – without milling. FORTA-FI was used to reinforce one half of the road and the other half was paved using the same mix, without FORTA-FI.

After 7 months, the side without fiber reinforcement had begun to reflect cracking from the old asphalt layers below. As you can see, the FORTA-FI section outperformed the control section when it came to reducing reflective and alligator cracking, which will directly lead to an extension of life.

Glen David Drive, Pennsylvania

Glen David Drive in O’Hara Township is a heavily cracked residential cul-de-sac that leads to Chapel Gate Swim Club. The O’Hara Township Engineer was looking to extend the life of the pavements and reduce reflective and alligator cracking. The pilot project using FORTA-FI® split the road down the middle. One lane has a 3” leveling course and a 1-1/2” wearing course without fiber, while the other lane uses FORTAfied® asphalt for both layers.

After 4 years, the FORTAfied® asphalt shows minimal signs of cracking compared to the asphalt with no fiber.