Tested & Proven

Decades of developing fiber-rich blends for a variety of applications

FORTA-FI® has been involved in a considerable amount of research throughout its product history. The FORTA-FI blend has reinforced asphalt projects all over the world ranging from municipal streets and roadways to commercial and industrial parking lots — even residential driveways and interstates. FORTA-FI continues a strong tradition by reinforcing the future of asphalt. Though substantial data has been generated in conventional asphalt laboratory research programs, much of the most valuable information has come from testing of project batches using FORTA-FI reinforcement.

Control Vs. Fiber Projects

Tests have included a wide variety of research parameters including:

  • Triaxial Shear Strength Test
  • Permanent Deformation Tests – Static Creep / Flow Time Test
  • Repeated Load Flow Number Test
  • Dynamic (Complex) Modulus Test
  • Fatigue Cracking Testing
  • Flexural Strength Test
  • Indirect Diametral Tensile Test
  • Crack Propagation Test – C* Integral

FORTA-FI®‘s flagship testing project was performed at Arizona State University. To read the study excerpts, click on the button below.

Read About the ASU Study

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