When you choose FORTA-FI®, you’ve got what it takes to go farther than ever before.

FORTAfied asphalt is stronger asphalt, and builds tougher roads that are both safer, and more fiscally responsible.

Stronger than your traditional mixture. Reduces cracking and rutting.

Today, more than ever, using time and material resources responsibly is everyone’s goal. FORTA-FI® is uniquely capable of reinforcing all asphalt mixtures allowing for either less asphalt or longer life, which translates into reduced processing, reduced labor, reduced time and reduced logistics thereby reducing overall project cost.

While we have known for years that adding reinforcing fibers to asphalt would substantially increase the life of that asphalt, it was very difficult to quantify the years and calculate that value for our customers. Recent research has provided more detail about the benefits provided by FORTA-FI. FORTA-FI allows for substantially reduced asphalt thickness while retaining the designed strength objectives. The thickness of asphalt can be reduced 35% while maintaining the same performance requirements of a traditional (full) thickness application without FORTA-FI.

Case studies developed by Arizona State University utilizing pavement design software [Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG)] detail these savings. This same program also calculates that the longevity increase would be 50% or more, beyond the same thickness of non-FORTAfied asphalt.

Save Now

Use up to 35% Less Asphalt Thickness
Stronger than your traditional asphalt mixture.

Save Down the Road

Lasts 50% Longer 
Reduce cracking and rutting.


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