FORTA-FI® is Easy to Use

FORTA-FI®. Patented, 360˚ high-performance fibers that turn asphalt into a super surface.

Today, more than ever, using time and material resources responsibly is everyone’s goal. FORTA-FI is uniquely capable of reinforcing all asphalt mixtures allowing for either less asphalt or longer life, which translates into reduced labor, reduced roadway out of service time, reduced material usage, thereby reducing overall project cost.

Efficiency AND Quality for Asphalt Reinforcement

Mixes thoroughly in seconds!

Ease of use is critical to the success of any product, even a product capable of providing the cost savings of FORTA-FI. Supplying reinforcing fibers to the asphalt industry since the 1980s has taught us that to be effective, the product has to be simple to add to both batch plants and drum plants at all production speeds at a prescribed dosage. FORTA-FI is uniquely capable of meeting all of these requirements.

Easy to Specify

  • A specially-formulated blend that can be used at all working temperatures
  • No changes to mix design needed
  • Engineered to reinforce your specific asphalt mixture

Easy to Produce

  • Add one bag per ton of asphalt
  • Mix in batch and drum plants at all production speeds
  • Mixes thoroughly in seconds
  • Distributes throughout asphalt uniformly and completely

Easy to Justify

  • Easy to specify, produce, and construct, and uses up to 35% less asphalt thickness or lasts 50% longer than your traditional mixture
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