FORTA proudly announces partnership with ASU

Through a newly announced professorship at Arizona State University, researchers in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering will work with FORTA to continue advances in developing stronger pavement materials that make roadways safer and more durable.

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Visible Reinforcement

The Infrastructure Improvements America Needs

The United States’ system of roads, highways, and bridges are critical in making it possible for the country to function every day. The road networks include more than 4 million miles of public roadways, carrying almost 3 trillion vehicle miles traveled in 2011 alone (American Society of Civil Engineers Report Card). These roadways allow for […]

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Vehicles Consume Less Fuel on Smoother Asphalt Pavements

According to experts, vehicles driving on smoother pavements, particularly smooth asphalt pavements, consume less fuel than driving over rough road conditions of poorly constructed roads. Overall, less fuel consumption helps the environment and driver’s fuel budgets, leading to a greener and more cost-effective form of infrastructure. Since the United States has over 2.5 million miles […]

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Surface-EXT® Reinforces Slurry Seal & Micro Surfacing Applications

Why use Surface-EXT® in Slurry and Micro Surfacing? Glass fibers are the ideal choice for slurry and micro surfacing due to their superior properties. Virtually water neutral, Surface-EXT™ has a specific gravity equal to that of the aggregate. These properties ensure the fiber will disperse evenly with the aggregate in the pug mill and will […]

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