When day-to-day operations take their toll

Real Problems, Real Solutions

When you produce asphalt on a daily basis, you know quality when you see it.  No one knows this more than Blythe Construction located in North Carolina. Owners made the decision to replace existing deteriorated standard asphalt sections.  A continuous train of fully loaded trucks took its toll on their parking areas and resulted in these sections needing substantial repairs. 

These trucks, when exiting the weigh scales had distressed the pavement and caused severe rutting.  As a result, this section was milled 10” deep and replaced with 5” of FORTA-FI reinforced intermediate and surface courses.  Adding FORTAfied asphalt allowed owners to extend pavement life while dramatically reducing the amount of material needed.  Stockpile locations needed additional repairs and multiple 3” mill and fill areas were fiber reinforced.

Owners chose FORTA-FI over traditional placements due to concerns regarding the slow-moving asphalt trucks. Blythe Construction has benefited from dramatically decreased rutting in their scale and stockpile areas.  Subsequently, four years of heavy truck traffic has only reinforced their confidence in choosing FORTA-FI asphalt fibers.

FORTA-FI Asphalt Fibers

FORTA-FI is a high tensile strength synthetic fiber blend formulated to reinforce asphalt mixes in new construction or rehab projects. The mix of aramid and polyolefin fibers is designed to enhance your current mix design. Aramid fibers will not melt in the asphalt mix and are known for their strength and durability at all temperatures.

FORTA-FI can provide initial cost savings through reduced pavement layer thickness while delivering the same durability as conventional mixes OR the ability to reduce the overall life-cycle costs by extending pavement life (when placed at a conventional pavement thickness). FORTA offers real solutions, for real problems. For more information on Blythe Construction click here. Want more information on this or other amazing projects. Click here!