FORTA proudly announces partnership with ASU

For decades FORTA has led the fiber reinforcement industry in research and development.  Now, through a newly announced professorship at Arizona State University (ASU), researchers in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering will partner with FORTA to continue advances in developing stronger pavement materials that make roadways safer and more durable.

FORTA has a long history of alliance with ASU, in particular with Kamil Kaloush. Kamil, a professor of civil, environmental, and sustainable engineering is the first FORTA Professor of Pavement Engineering.

Kamil Kaloush
Photo courtesy of the International Road Federation

“It’s critical to have pavements that are less susceptible to deformation, cracking, and damaging temperature effects. This will translate into road-user benefits such as better ride quality, lower maintenance costs, and safer roadways.”1.

This partnership will play a critical role in advancing pavement reinforcement for years to come.  Kamil and his team will continue expanding knowledge of pavement design, fiber composition, and extending pavement life cycle.  FORTA’s commitment to research and development will help fund updates to lab facilities, provide scholarships, and add support to curriculum and community development.

Throughout its product history, FORTA-FI® has been involved in a considerable amount of research.  This high tensile strength synthetic fiber blend has reinforced asphalt projects all over the world, ranging from municipal streets and interstates, to commercial and industrial parking lots, and even the autobahn in Germany.

FORTA-FI is part of a legacy of innovation with FORTA products. This legacy plays an important role in improving the performance and durability of asphalt, creating a history of “Reinforcing the Future – Worldwide”.

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