Real World Tests for Real World Data

O&G Industries milled 2” of asphalt and replaced with a 0.75” leveling course and a 1.5” compacted wear course using a wedge joint. The wear course used fiber reinforcement in the east bound lanes on both roads. The leveling course also benefitted from the use of FORTA-FI reinforcement fibers in alternating lanes and will remain Stronger Lasting™ for years to come.

This project will be inspected moving forward and will give officials insight regarding the many benefits of FORTA-FI asphalt fiber. Today, more than ever, using time and material resources responsibly is everyone’s goal. FORTA-FI is uniquely capable of reinforcing all asphalt mixtures with no change to the mix design. This high tensile strength fiber blend is formulated to strengthen mixes in both new construction or rehab projects.

For more information, click here to view the full project profile. Plant Evaluations and Fiber Test Results available upon request. Contact Us to have your roadways FORTAfied!®

The town of Trumbull, CT completed a side-by-side project using FORTA-FI reinforcement fibers.

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