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At FORTA we know that owners, producers, pavers, and local governments need to make construction dollars go further and last longer. Our innovative solutions create Stronger Lasting™ asphalt that is shown to extend the pavement life-cycle by up to 40-50%


Adding FORTA reinforcement products to asphalt creates a matrix of strength and durability. This offers fewer cracks, fewer potholes, and more peace of mind. 

Over the years, asphalt pavement projects reinforced with FORTA-FI® have been put to the test in hundreds of real-world head-to-head Control vs. Fiber trial projects around the world. In these projects, asphalt mixtures reinforced with FORTA-FI have been placed in direct competition with asphalt mixtures that are not reinforced with fiber in order to accurately compare the performance results.

FORTA has been involved in a considerable amount of research over the years. Our FORTA-FI blend has been tested in university studies, pavement test tracks, has been the source of multiple research papers.

The New York State Department of Transportation has spent years researching the real world benefits of fiber reinforcement in composite overlay applications. Learn what worked, what didn’t, and why NYSDOT chose to use FORTA to create stronger, longer lasting roads.

FORTA Asphalt projects have been put to the test in projects all around the globe. From Formula 1 to NASA, from DOTs to local roads, FORTA does it all.

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