Automobile Road – St. Petersberg Region, Russia

St. Petersberg Region, Russia - August 2011

Project  Description

FORTA-FI was applied to this road in Northern Russia which is located between St. Petersburg and Murmansk, near the town of “Novaya Ladoga”. Annual temperature varies from -40°C to +30°C. The typical problems seen on this roadway were both significant rutting and cracking in the pavement. Initial laboratory testing yielded positive results and this experimental area was selected for a trial to help better understand how FORTA-FI would work in this environment. The length of road with FORTA-FI is 1km, and 8m in width. HMA was type “A” (Russian Standard). The contractor was ZAO “VAD”, one of the best contractors in Russia, and a Shuttle Buggy was used to assure the best results. The trial area provided additional material for laboratory testing and showed superior results to their typical asphalt material. Due to their severe winters, and many freeze/thaw cycles in the spring, this road will be reviewed in the spring to correlate the positive laboratory results against their actual field performance.

Key Points

  • Reduce Temperature Related Cracking
  • Reduce Rutting
  • Increase Durability

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