Belfair Valley Road Preservation Project

Bremerton, WA - 2013


Rehabilitation of the existing badly cracked road involved placement of a 1.5” thick FORTA-FI® reinforced HMA overlay. The City of Bremerton understood that conventional asphalt would last only 3 to 4 years before the existing cracks reflective through and a tight budget prevented them from carrying out more extensive treatment work. In the end they decided to incorporate fiber-reinforced asphalt to extend the life of the overlay at only a modest additional cost.


On inspection of the this project, the local Kitsap County Engineer commented “The Belfair Valley Road overlay looks great after 3 years with virtually no cracks”. He has since committed to using FORTA-FI® on one of his own upcoming projects.

Key Points

  • Extended Pavement Life
  • Reduced Rutting & Raveling
  • Reduced Cracking

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