Boeing Roads Parking Lot – Mesa, AZ

Mesa, AZ - October 2009

Project Description

FORTA-FI® was used in a 1.5” wearing course on a corporate parking lot and access roads at the Mesa, AZ facility. The original asphalt surface was badly cracked and rutted due to the extreme temperatures in the region. FORTA-FI® was used to extend the life of the new pavement by reducing both rutting and cracking without having to use a fabric underlay, additional thickness, or a change to their traditional asphalt mix.


After 10 years, the Boeing parking lot in Mesa, AZ is exceeding expectations. Only 3 or 4 hairline cracks can be seen along the entire length. Some pavement preservation maintenance has taken place but compared to the parts without fiber, there is a noticeable difference. This is unheard of in Arizona where pavement takes a beating from temperature swings and usually shows thermal and block cracking after 10 years.

Key Points

  • Improved Durability
  • Extend Pavement Life
  • Reduced Rutting & Cracking

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