East 40th Street – Tacoma, WA

Tacoma, WA - February 2018

Project Description

The City of Tacoma has approved a new permeable roadway designed with traffic safety improvements for reducing speeds and enhancing bicycle and pedestrian experiences. This project also includes green infrastructure bioswales and public and private utilities to be replaced within East 40th Street from McKinley Avenue to Portland Avenue. The permeable pavement was rutting easily in the road, so the city was looking for a solution. The nearby city of Puyallup used FORTA-FI in a permeable project and tested a core sample for rutting with the Hamburg Wheel Test. The test showed a significant reduction in rutting with FORTA-FI. Both cities now specify FORTA-FI in their porous/permeable pavement projects. This project used 1,050 tons of fiber reinforced asphalt and the road was laid with a 4 in thickness. FORTA-FI adds strength to permeable pavement, reduces rutting, and functions as a drain down prevention fiber.

Key Points:

  • Cost Savings
  • Reduce Rutting
  • Increase Durability

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