Gainesville Airport

Gainesville, FL - May 2015

Project Description

Severe oxidation, full depth cracking, and inconsistent cross slope coupled with poor underlying soils and botched repairs left Gainesville Airport runway 7-25 in need of a budget-breaking reconstruction. In an effort to mitigate budget concerns, airport personnel embraced the idea of a test track—securing full funding from Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) under the special demonstration projects provision. FORTA-FI was chosen as a contender to reinforce a test section thanks to its proven reduced cracking & rutting performance. The FDOT State Materials Office plan to evaluate FORTA-FI’s performance over the next 5 years—hoping the results prove superior to other pavement rehabilitation options.


In 2019, the 65,000 sq ft fiber reinforced section surveyed proved FORTA-FI’s superior ability to reduce cracking and rutting.

Key Points

  • Cost-effective
  • No change in mix design
  • Even distribution for consistent thickness

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