NCAT Test Track Test Patch

Opelika, AL - 2014


FORTA-FI® was added to a mix that would be used in a small experimental patch (at a milled depth of 2 inches) on the NCAT test track. After 1.5 million ESALs, NCAT engineers surveyed the patch and the cracks were painted white, as shown above. Half of the patch was reinforced with FORTA-FI® and the other half was used as a control. The division between the fiber and the no fiber patch halves is the visible white painted line that extends across the picture. Buzz Powell, NCAT Assistant Director and Test Track Manager, stated, “Even though the most severe pre-patch cracking was in the half of the patch treated with the FORTA-FI® fibers, it is evident that less cracking had reflected in the FORTA-FI® fiber half of the patch at that time.” This is a small maintenance patch used as a practical experiment, and therefore testing for statistical significance is not possible. However, noting this, Buzz also mentioned “the anecdotal conclusion was that the fibers did have a positive effect on cracking performance in the patch.”

Key Points

  • Extended Pavement Life
  • Reduced Rutting & Raveling
  • Reduced Cracking 

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