Parking Lot Test Section

North Las Vegas, NV - January 2016

Project Description

A test section of micro surfacing reinforced with FORTA’s glass fiber, Surface-EXT™, was placed over the asphalt parking lot of the Texas Station Hotel and Casino in Northern Las Vegas. Another micro surfaced section was placed in the same area but without the use of fiber.


After 1 year of enduring parking lot traffic, the two sections were surveyed for cracking and deterioration. As seen in the pictures above – the results speak for themselves. The Surface-EXT™ reinforced section showed minimal cracking compared to the section without fiber. The pictures in the corner show cracks extending from the untreated asphalt into the micro surfacing. The cracking stops at the fiber reinforced section but continues into the section without fiber. The cracking that did occur in the fiber reinforced section was much more contained than in the section without fiber. 

Key Points

  • Extended Pavement Life
  • Reduce Cracking
  • Improved Flexibility

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