Pima County, Wilmot Road – Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ - 2019

Project Description

Pima County recognized that they needed more durable asphalt pavements to withstand the harsh desert climate of Southern Arizona. Working towards this goal, they decided to trial Fiber Reinforced Asphalt (FRA) on Wilmot Road. The road was paved with a one-mile section of FORTA-FI reinforced asphalt, followed by a one-mile section of a “Brand X” fiber, and a 5-mile control section. Results show that substantially better performance was achieved with the FORTA-FI mix.

Technical Specifications

  • Fiber Reinforcement: FORTA-FI®
  • Application: 3″ FRAC on cement-stabilized native base
  • Mix Formula: Dense Grade HMA
  • Tonnage: 2100

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