State Route 28

Pittsburgh, PA - 2011


PennDOT District 11-0 conducted an experiment section one mile long to compare conventional WMA to WMA with FORTA-FI® fibers along State Route 28 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The test section was split up into two 0.5 mile sections, one containing conventional WMA PG76-22 and the second containing WMA PG76-22 with FORTA-FI® fibers. The sections were milled and repaved with an asphalt base and 1.5” wearing course. With eight percent truck traffic, the new fiber test section was placed to evaluate the reduction of cracking, raveling, rutting, and an increase in longevity. 

Key Words

  • Extended Pavement Life
  • Reduced Rutting & Cracking
  • Cost Savings

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