UDIT US 191 Overlay

Duchesne, UT - 2015


This project included the rehabilitation of approximately 12 miles of US191 using a 1.5” FORTA-FI® reinforced overlay. During the design process, Utah Department of Transportation engineers had actually determined that a thicker overlay would be required due to an increasing amount of heavy truck traffic in the area. Roadway width limitations made this impossible, however, so FORTA-FI® was added to the ½” PG64-34 mix to increase the durability and longevity of the 1.5” asphalt lift. The FORTA-FI® will not only add structural capacity to the new section, accommodating additional trucks, but it also will slow the propagation of reflective cracks, meaning less future work for maintenance crews.

Key Points

  • Extended Pavement Life
  • Reduced Rutting & Raveling
  • Reduced Cracking

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