Wee Burn Country Club

Darien, CT - April 2016

Project Description

Wee Burn Country Club, located in Darien, Connecticut, used FORTA-FI® in combination with a porous asphalt pavement in their new 1-acre parking lot. Traditional impervious asphalt can create issues with runoff, erosion, and flooding as rainwater is forced into nearby surface water systems. However, a porous pavement allows the stormwater to drain through the pavement and return to the groundwater, thus reducing the strain on other stormwater management systems. Some additional challenges are presented to porous pavement. Specifically, due to the pavement having a larger percentage of air voids by design, raveling, shoving, and rutting are of extra concern. In an attempt to combat these issues while still maintaining the permeability characteristics of the pavement, O & G Industries elected to use FORTA-FI® in the porous parking lot. The FORTA-FI® blend makes the porous pavement stronger and more durable.

Key Points

  • Higher resistance to raveling
  • Higher resistance to tire rub
  • Higher resistance to cracking
  • Higher resistance to rutting

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