West Central Avenue

Delaware, OH - 2012


The City of Delaware, OH encourages sustainability and environmental stewardship. Their Public Works Department recycles previously used asphalt by reheating it, and then using the reclaimed material for patching and pothole repairs. FORTA-FI® was added to this recycled material mix to provide additional fiber-reinforced strength and durability to a deep-patch street rehabilitation project. The reclaimed asphalt material was heated in a recycling drum-mixer unit, and the FORTA-FI® were added (1 lb. per 1 ton of asphalt) to this mixture and then transferred into a hot-box for transportation to the repair site. The Delaware Street & Traffic personnel used the 100% recycled asphalt material, now three-dimensionally reinforced with FORTA-FI® high-tensile strength fibers, to expertly complete the repair on this busy city roadway! 

Key Points

  • Extended Pavement Life
  • Reduced Rutting & Raveling
  • Reduced Cracking

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