New Fiber & Fiber Delivery Equipment at World of Asphalt 2018

Celebrating its 40th year, FORTA Corporation will showcase new reinforcement fibers and equipment at World of Asphalt 2018, March 6-8, 2018 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX, booth 3924 

FORTA Corporation, a global leader in reinforcement fiber solutions, is looking forward to World of Asphalt 2018. FORTA® will be introducing a new line of fiber delivery systems. World of Asphalt attendees will be interested in learning about the fiber dispensing equipment of the new FORTA Delivery Systems division. This latest addition to the FORTA family of companies features a range of automated fiber delivery systems that accurately dispense and distribute fiber for a variety of asphalt pavement applications. In addition, attendees will also be interested to learn about FORTA’s new fiber, Surface-EXT™, used to reinforce slurry seal and micro surfacing pavement applications.


Two fiber dispensing units will be on display at booth 3924, providing World of Asphalt attendees with the opportunity to observe real-world demonstrations. Technical experts will be on site to demonstrate the capabilities of the FORTA Voyager bulk fiber dispenser and the FORTA Ranger mobile fiber dispenser. FORTA will also showcase new asphalt reinforcement fiber, Surface-EXT, at the booth. John Lindh, CEO of FORTA Corporation, commented,

“Now, customers can achieve all of the benefits of our fibers with dispensing units that make the application a highly precise, safer and easier process. These complete solutions allow customers to obtain both the reinforcing fibers and dispensing equipment from one trusted source.”

According to Lindh, initial customer feedback has been extremely positive.

FORTA® Voyager – Bulk Fiber Dispenser

FORTA Voyager, a bulk fiber dispenser, is distinguished by its proprietary loss-in-weight system allowing for precise fiber dispensing throughout batch or continuous runs. The Voyager comes in two sizes, a larger unit that is kept stationary and a smaller unit that can be transported from job site to job site via trailer.

Thanks to its simple to use design and accuracy, the problem of wasted or spilled fiber often occurring when manually dispersing, is essentially eliminated. The controlled flow of the machine also improves fiber distribution, allowing for very precise dispensing throughout an application. Inventory tracking is also enhanced with an easy-to-read display that allows for real-time fiber tracking.

Job site safety is also enhanced with the Voyager, as it eliminates the need to climb stairs or ladders to introduce fibers into the asphalt mix. This automated solution allows contractors to better deploy their personnel on other hands-on job site tasks.

FORTA® Ranger – Mobile Fiber Dispenser

FORTA Ranger, mobile fiber dispenser, helps customers streamline their fiber addition process when adding pre-chopped fiber to slurry seal and micro surfacing projects. The Ranger is compact in size making it easy to install on a slurry paver. The unit is easy to load with pre-chopped fiber and its high-speed hydraulic motor and uniquely designed de-clumping system allows for a continuous feed without worries of blockages or build up. The Ranger is an extremely accurate and on-demand solution to add fiber to slurry seal and micro surfacing projects.


FORTA Corporation will feature its most popular reinforcing fiber, FORTA-FI®, at World of Asphalt, as well as its new fiber, Surface-EXT, used to reinforce slurry seal and micro surfacing pavement applications to aid in pavement preservation.

FORTA Corporation will feature its new fiber, Surface-EXT, at World of Asphalt. In conjunction with the FORTA Ranger, Surface-EXT reinforces slurry seal and micro surfacing applications to aid in pavement preservation. Surface-EXT improves pavement flexibility, long-term durability, and is extremely easy to use. Contact a FORTA representative, or visit booth 3924, to learn more about this new fiber!


FORTA Corporation will mark its 40th year with the introduction of a new logo and message “StrongerLasting™,” which references the strength and durability of our fibers, people, and business relationships spanning four decades. In addition to the new logo marks and brand line, FORTA has also launched a new website for its asphalt division, found at


There are many benefits to becoming a FORTA Preferred Producer. By joining a carefully selected group of industry trusted asphalt producers, you can benefit from FORTA marketing and advertising, sales, and profit, training and support to become successful in a partnership. If interested, please stop by booth 3924 to speak to Territory Sales Representative, Garrett Lovett.

FORTA is also actively searching for additional independent sales representatives for territories in the United States. Corporate Trainer and Recruiter, Lori Lee, will be on site at the booth with more information regarding this opportunity.

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