22nd Street Overlay

Greeley, CO - 2017

Project Description

The City of Greeley is looking for innovative ways to make their asphalt pavements more durable, so they chose FORTA-FI® to reinforce their 22nd Street overlay. FORTA-FI® is a unique blend that disperses uniformly into asphalt mix to add three-dimensional strength. The project also used the automated FORTA® Voyager fiber feeder to seamlessly introduce FORTA-FI® into their plant mixing process, requiring just one operator and zero changes to the plant’s equipment. The use of the Voyager allowed the operator to easily program the fiber feed rate to match the plant’s asphalt production rate. Plant workers also commented on the easy set up for the Voyager and its extreme accuracy.

Key Points

  • Extended Life
  • Reduced Cracking
  • Voyager Used to Feed Fiber

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