Asphalt Industry to See Immediate Savings, Stronger Performance with FORTA-FI®

Grove City, Pa., March 3 — FORTA® Corporation, the world leader in fiber reinforcement technology for concrete and asphalt, announces the introduction of FORTA-FI® , a next-generation fiber blend for reinforcing asphalt. FORTA-FI, tested by today’s tough standards, offers dramatic cost savings by significantly reducing rutting and cracking.

Placing up to 35% less asphalt is an obvious project advantage made possible when FORTA-FI’s unique blend of reinforcing fibers is added to the asphalt mixture. Because of its enhanced strength and performance properties, asphalt reinforced with FORTA-FI significantly reduces rutting and cracking and lasts more than 50% longer than unmodified asphalt. Arizona State University’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Department determined the fiber reinforcement thickness and extended-life benefits after scientific, state-of-the-art testing correlated with numerous field applications. The study, released in December 2008, is available upon request.

“FORTA-FI represents a real breakthrough in fiber reinforcement technology,” says Tracy Lang, FORTA’s manager for asphalt. “Not only do these new products bring cost savings and better performance — giving asphalt producers and contractors a distinct advantage in today’s competitive marketplace — it easily and thoroughly mixes in seconds in drum or batch plants, and requires no additional equipment or modifications in placement and compaction practices.”

FORTA-FI proprietary blends contain aramid and polyolefin fibers and other materials known for their strength, durability and binding properties. Building on its 31-year history of developing, testing and producing fiber reinforcement blends for proven applications in Portland and asphalt cements, FORTA has engineered three, new blends specially formulated for Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA), Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA), and hot/cold patch (PAT). The reinforcing fibers, which distribute uniformly and evenly, come in bags that instantly melt into the mixture. A small dosage of FORTA-FI reinforces an entire ton of asphalt.

Shovel-ready infrastructure projects stand to gain tremendous cost savings with FORTA-FI as transportation officials work to build and repair the nation’s highways, bridges, airports, schools, municipal streets, and commercial and industrial parking lots, Lang said. “The good news is, with stronger, longer-lasting performance, there will be more savings down the road.”

FORTA-FI will be rolled out to the construction industry at the World of Asphalt Trade Show and Conference, March 10-12 in Orlando, Fla. For more information, visit

FORTA Corporation, founded in 1978, was the first producer to introduce synthetic fiber reinforcements to the U.S. construction market. Today, the company, based in Grove City, Pennsylvania, holds more patents than any other company in the industry, and is recognized as a world leader in synthetic fiber research and development, with successful applications around the world.