New “Street Talk” video series shows the cost savings from adding FORTA-FI® , Fiber Reinforcement Technology, to your asphalt mix.

Grove City, Pa. – (May 31, 2011) FORTA® Corporation is set to unveil a brand-new series of online videos beginning June 1 titled “Street Talk with Tracy Lang” to inform viewers of the benefits of using its asphalt-reinforcing fiber additive, FORTA-FI® . All videos will be available at

Hosted by Tracy Lang, manager of asphalt for FORTA Corporation, the 14-part series will begin with two introductory videos explaining the product and the “Street Talk” series on Wednesday, June 1. Following the introduction, one new video will be available for viewing every Tuesday from June 7 to August 23.

It’s easy to get in the mix with FORTA-FI® – just go to and click the “subscribe” button to receive automatic updates when the latest installment of “Street Talk” hits the website.

Each short video highlights a different aspect of FORTA-FI® , from its proven durability in laboratory and actual projects worldwide, to its capacity to reduce cost and extend asphalt life by up to 50 percent. The videos include photos and video footage from key projects and case studies that demonstrate FORTA-FI’s strength and usability around the globe.

Designed, developed and made in the United States, FORTA-FI® is produced by FORTA Corporation whose products have stood the test of time for more than 30 years, constantly undergoing new breakthroughs in engineering to optimize its status as the industry leader in reinforcing fiber additives. Unlike other fiber materials which can melt in the hostile conditions of asphalt production, FORTA-FI® uses a blend of high-strength, heat-resistant aramid fibers as well as polyolefin fibers – the same kind of material used in bullet-proof vests. The proprietary mixture of fibers helps to improve the strength, toughness and longevity of roadways, which translates to big savings in costs.

Three blends of FORTA-FI® are available for use in hot mix asphalt, warm mix asphalt and hot/cold patching applications. See how you can Go Stronger… Go Longer… Get FORTAfied® ! Watch the new “Street Talk” video series with Tracy Lang starting June 1 at